What is a waffle pod?

In all new home buyer inclusions and contracts, you may find the home foundation described as a waffle pod slab. So what is a waffle pod?

A waffle pod is a material that is placed within a concrete slab in order to create ‘voids’ in order to create a stiffened, but cost effective structure. Traditionally, foams and polystyrene have been used but they are not environmentally friendly as they are very hard to contain on site. Baxter use the patented BIAX system (https://www.biax.com.au/) which is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

The advantages of a waffle pod slab is it is actually stronger and stiffer than a standard concrete slab when combined with the reinforcing steel. Biax pods are 100% recycled plastic and additionally save on a lot of concrete which is not so environmentally friendly. It is easy to then drop floor heating over the top also.

Overall you get a lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly home slab to live on.