Process Stages


Finding the right builder for your home is critical. Each year in NSW alone there are over 750 insurance notices and claims submitted by customers like you to HBC (Home Builders Compensation), as their building company has typically gone under (eg Newcastle example). They are not all small builders either. Even the big guys can fail (Ralan, Verve, Reed, Project Group, RCR Tomlinson, Kingston Homes  and Southern Cross to name a few in recent times).

So Baxter Homes recommend you do your homework and speak to at least 2-3 builders. This is going to be ‘your’ home so consider who you would invite into it as your builder is literally your first guest. If you wouldn’t have them at your housewarming BBQ (The BBQ test) then run a mile as you have 5-6 months to spend with them on your home build. Speak to some recent references (ideally at a similar price point) and do some drive bys of a builder’s recently completed work.

‘Try before you buy’ and watch out for the hard sell. Keep your options open and if you get a home contract to sign at the same time as your ‘Design and Development Application (DA)’ service fee then ask why? The design and DA phase is the only chance to see what your future home’s final design will look like, how your builder performs, how you are treated by the non sales staff and what your home, options and additions are really going to cost.

If you are happy at this point, then sign your building contract as you now know and understand the builder, its process and your costs. Prior to that it is hit and hope!


Discovery Tour

At Baxter we encourage you to go and see our commercial suppliers directly and very early on. In fact, before you even engage us or any builder for that matter. Visit our commercial suppliers showrooms as no display home will ever be able to present all the options and finishes as well as the actual manufacturers (there are just too many).

So how does it all fit together?

From our experience, below is a general guide on the main stages on getting into your new home. Baxter walk you through everything to make it as easy as possible for you to remain stress free and enjoy the journey.

Step 01 General discussions

  • Potential home types eg Hamptons, Dual key, Acerage, Cottage
  • Permitted building types for your lot. eg size, vehicle access, heights.
  • Approximate fit of home type to the proposed site.
    • Floor plan drawings that fit your block.
  • Estimate. House and land cost estimate provided.
    • You can start to look at options and choices for finishes,applicances etc.
  • Identify your preferred building partner(s)
  • A fee proposal for the next stage is submitted to you.
    • Our drawings and estimate align with your vision.

Step 02 Site Classification Report
(Fee for Service)

Documentation preparation.

  • Contour Survey
  • Formal site inspection
    • Our builders and designers will formally visit and inspect site.
  • Geo-technical report
    • Bore holes are made at site
    • A formal report is prepared on the ground conditions at site.
  • Home approval drawings are made site specific.
    • Architectural plans
  • Tender preparation and submission to client
    • Drawings are sent to our supply chain for formal project specific quotations. These are compiled and a formal quotation is submitted to you.

Step 03 Planning and approval
(Fee for service)

  • Documentation preparation (not all listed)
    • Site Analysis Plan (Shadows, wind, noise, etc)
    • BAL report (Bush fire)
    • Basix report (energy)
    • VAC report (Vehicle Access Crossings)
    • 305 Certificate (water)
    • Waste management report (water)
    • Home Owners Warranty Certificate
    • Statement of environmental effects
  • CDC or Council DA approval
  • Pay Council fee’s and charges.
    • Council DA fee
    • Sewer and Drainage fees
    • Long Service Levies to Council
    • Construction certificate fee
    • Occupation certificate fee
  • Once approved, a construction certificate is issued by Council.

Step 04 Construction
(Under Contract)

Work commencement has to be within 15 days after the construction certificate is issued.