Terms and Conditions

Baxter use standard HIA contracts for our works. Specifically, the NSW Residential Building Contract for New Dwellings. The contracts are specifically tailored to your project so the intent of this page is to provide an overview of the type of contract our clients enter into and what it covers. We use standard industry contracts only from HIA.  

Additionally a typical payment schedule is below for your information only. The payment schedule can vary by job so it is only a guide. 

Progress payments (Schedule 2)

Deposit Signing of contract, PPA Fee for Service No.4 payment 12th June 2019Adjusted by -$.02 to allow for rounding 10.00%
Internal Drainage Landscape Tanks installed, site excavation, under-slab services, internal drainage inspection. 10.00%
Floor Slab Concrete slab completed, termite protection installed. 7.50%
Frame Stage Structural steel, wall frames & roof structure erected including any tie downs and bracing. 15.00%
Roof Stage Windows installed, fascia & gutter, and roof sheeting. 10.00%
Close up Stage Facade brick work and cladding, eaves linings & plumbing rough in completed. 15.00%
Fixing Stage Electrical rough in, internal wall sheeting, doors, architraves & skirting installed 15.00%
Painting Stage Wall & floor tiling installed, painting, kitchen installed, plumbing fixtures fitted off. 12.50%
Practical Completion Shower screens installed, electrical fit off, appliances and when building works are complete except for minor works. 5.00%

Example HIA contract contents

Schedule 1. Particulars of Contract


Contract price



The Land

Building period

Initial Period

Encumbrances, covenants and easements

Sources of funds

Development application and complying development certificate

Liquidated damages


Builder’s margin


Schedule 2. Progress Payments

Schedule 3. Excluded Items (Clause 9)

Schedule 4. Description of Work

Schedule 5. Other Contract Documents

Schedule 6. Warranty Insurance

Schedule 7. Prime Cost and Provisional Sum Items (Clause 20)

Special Conditions


Deed of guarantee and indemnity

General Conditions

Clause 1. Interpretation

Clause 2. Builder’s Obligations

Clause 3. Owner’s Obligations

Clause 4. Essential Matters

Clause 5. Planning and Building Approvals

Clause 6. Survey of the Site

Clause 7. Security Account and Ability to Pay

Clause 8. Accuracy of Contract Documents

Clause 9. Excluded Items

Clause 10. Specified Materials

Clause 11. Materials Supplied by Owner

Clause 12. Commencing the Building Works

Clause 13. Site Possession and Access

Clause 14. Hidden Site Conditions

Clause 15. Other Costs

Clause 16. Contract Price Adjustments

Clause 17. Progress Payments

Clause 18. Variations

Clause 19. Delays and Extensions of Time

Clause 20. Prime Cost and Provisional Sum Items

Clause 21. Practical Completion

Clause 22. Final Certificate

Clause 23. Notices

Clause 24. Defects Liability Period

Clause 25. Suspension

Clause 26. Early Possession

Clause 27. Ending the Contract – Breach

Clause 28. Ending the Contract – Insolvency

Clause 29. Effect of the Builder Ending the Contract

Clause 30. Effect of the Owner Ending the Contract

Clause 31. Charge on the Site

Clause 32. Liquidated Damages

Clause 33. Interest on Late Payments

Clause 34. Debt Collection Costs

Clause 35. Dispute Resolution

Clause 36. Risk

Clause 37. Indemnity

Clause 38. Insurances

Clause 39. Statutory Warranties

Clause 40. Mandatory Conditions

Clause 41. Assignment and Subcontracting

Clause 42. No Waiver

Clause 43. Severance