Work With Us

Baxter invites like minded suppliers and subbies to work with us to the benefit of our customers and respective businesses. To be able to do this we expect our partners to understand what drives us at Baxter. What we hold dear.

Let us not get lost in the jargon. These values, culture or whatever you want to call it are simply how we want to behave. Simplified, if this is how you typically like to work then you will fit in working with us.


We have boiled it down to three absolute rock solid values to guide us at work:


Honesty and a no bull approach. We have no reason to mislead clients, staff or subbies. Our conduct matters.


Outcomes matter. Quality matters. Timing matters.


Share good and bad news as quickly as possible. Flag issues. Speak up. Talk to clients.

It is our collective experience that we lose not only customers but other good staff and subbies when they are surrounded by people who are consistently not meeting the standards above. Whenever we hit a bump in the road we will refer back to these values which is when they really count.