Baxter welcomes inquiries from existing or potential investors looking for a partner to build or develop with. From one off rental homes to larger estates and projects, Baxter has the experience to assist you with your residential project planning, approvals and construction on the NSW Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter.

Baxter is an Official Partner of community not for profit housing provider Pacific Link. Pacific link own and operate the licensed Real Estate agency called Key2.

Key2 offer quality property management services to private landlords on the Central Coast and Hunter Regions, profits generated by Key2 Realty are reinvested back into Pacific Link Housing’s tenant support programs.


Residential Investment Properties

If you own or are about to purchase an investment lot (with a view to renting it out) then we can assist with some suggested designs to suit the site and your budget. 

Be conscious of your intended eventual yield. The NSW Central Coast is not South East Queensland. In general, lot sizes and therefore homes are slightly larger on the Central Coast / Lake Macquarie area than many touted low entry point estates in SE Qld. So 3% yields are probably closer to the mark than the often 4-4.5% advertised in SE Qld. On the flip side, anecdotally, the lower vacancy rate on rental properties and capital gain in our part of NSW looks slightly more favourable. 

Building types Baxter can assist with:

  • Stand alone homes
  • Granny flats and Dual key 
  • Duplex
  • Villa’s
  • Townhouses 

Pooled Trust Residential Investment

Baxter are able to facilitate the establishment of Unit Trusts with our local accounting and legal partners. Unit trusts allow you and a few friends, family or colleagues to own a % of the development.

The costs to do so are very reasonable and we can take care of everything through our partners. If your own lawyers, accountants or financial planners have this covered then great. We would just be your builder.

As a general guide you should consider an estate home and land build budget of $650,000 and have funds or finance to around that figure. It can be done for less but start here to cover most contingencies.

Over 55 Estates and Nursing Homes

If the development is separate housing units such as in a gated estate then Baxter can assist nursing home providers with ‘Quality’ long lasting detached or attached homes.

Baxter is a building partner with the Community Housing provider Pacific Link. Pacific Link is a Tier 1 community housing provider with innovative solutions for government and private housing solutions across our region.

Baxter is proud to be affiliated with Pacific Link due to their community ties that improve the housing options and therefore lives for many of the Central Coast and Hunter regions most vulnerable people. We strongly value the work that Pacific Link conducts and understand the objective in assisting people into functional, livable housing that allows for an eventual path out of assisted housing where this is possible.

Baxter also appreciate that needing community housing can happen to anyone (as we have seen first hand) and supporting a partner like Pacific Link is a long term commitment that we hope benefits Pacific link, its tenants and therefore our local community.


If it is your intention to tender out a project build then that is great. Baxter need to know that from the beginning so we are able to be engaged as “Fee for Service” should you choose to. That way there is no later confusion in relation to any IP, opportunities or time invested. Our time is limited and valuable so we cannot afford to invest it ‘free of charge’ in project preliminaries that will either not get off the ground or end up being tendered. In short, just let us know what you want to do from the beginning.

Financial Planners
If you have client objectives you want to discuss then please contact us.

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