Baxter homes are flexible in terms of your home’s external look. Once you have decided on your floor plan you can then select a facade you like. There are four facades you can select for your home to give you a unique look and feel. Knowing which Facia you like also assists in short listing your external and internal colour schemes and finishes.


A beautiful yet cost effective entry point approach we recommend for First Home Buyers and many others. Suppliers over the years have improved the design elements of their ranges so the “Living” home range is functional, beautiful and cost effective. It also allows for enhanced brickwork finishes.


Bring the outdoors in with this distinctly lifestyle driven look. If you love clever use of clad boards and timber then the Coastal look is for you. Slanted rooves allow higher internal ceilings which can further enhance your living areas.


Flat rooves and stone Facades are in. Use coloured beams and high ceilings to enhance both the external and internal finishes of the home.


A classic and timeless look that lends itself to airy and light white interiors. This American east coast style allows the use of a range of exterior whether board materials and finishes.

Notes on Facades

All price guidance is based on the Living range. The Facade choice can make a difference to your home quotation so insure you inform Baxter early on for your preferred finish. Brickwork for example looks beautiful and is costed on how high you build to. Estate and council guidelines will need to be considered also.