Do you build on sloped sites?

Yes Baxter will build on any slope.

A sloped site is any site with a fall of over 600mm in any direction.

As a very general guide on costs, add 15% to any per SQM costs. As a warning, the variance can be a lot with additional factors such as excavations, rock, soil disposal, piering, foundation design and more. In fact it is the single biggest unknown on any construction job big or small. The 15% is really a middle of the road plug number to let you understand the rough scale of slope on an overall building projects costs.

Unfortunately, you cannot factor for all costs until you start digging on sites as the preliminary bore hole inspections are only in two locations. For a large site it means you can miss rock etc. The take home message is to understand that sloped sites costs are:

  1. A lot more expensive
  2. Subject to change
  3. The first two points should be heard and understood by anyone building on a sloped site. We want to be completely upfront on the journey you are about to embark on.

If you have a clear choice on a flat or sloped block and a rigid budget then lean towards the flat site. That said, sloped blocks are common place in many of the locations Baxter build in. You cannot escape them in some area’s on the coast such as Copacabana, Avoca, Terrigal, Foresters beach, Catherine Hill Bay and more. These sites unlock the beautiful views.