Aptum 1321 Adaptable Home

The Baxter Aptum 1321 is part of the Aptum Living home range and approximately 171.5 sqm. The home features 1 story(s), 3 bedrooms, 2 living space(s), 2 bathroom(s), 1 car space(s). The Aptum range is adaptable to you for the long term. Built to grow from 2 up to 9 bedrooms if you ever add a 2nd storey.

The Aptum Home width is 11.34 metres, with side boundary set backs of 900mm the Lot can be at least 13.14 metres wide. The home length is 15.9 metres with a 50% building to property Floor Space ratio means a minimum lot size of at least 360.612 sqm is recommended.

Please note that Baxter Homes will assist you in considering which home to fit on a block as requirements vary by estate and council. Roof and Facade type is indicative only as there are 4 choices for most homes being the Living, Coastal, Mod and Hampton’s styles in the Baxter Basics & Lifestyle ranges . Any price indicated is for the Living Facade with a color bond roof only for a guidance only. Prices are subject to change and confirmation when tendering a home price to you. Guidance on inclusions and exclusions are on our website.